Orphan Black S4 E07 “The AntiSocialism of Sex” |OrphanCast Podcast

At last —  a new episode of the OrphanCast Podcast is ready for your listening pleasure,  #CloneClub.  We thought “The Antisocialism of Sex” deserved many birthday cupcakes! Our recap of episode seven of season four of Orphan Black offered few happy endings for our crew.  Cosima is busy moping over Kendall and Delphine — in between research — and growing her plants. Sarah lets loose in ways that only she seems to be able to carry off with poise. What’s Dizzy’s motivation for being around Sarah? When Dizzy seems like the sane one, you’re in trouble.  It was great to see a guest cameo by the fabulous PeachesFelix is trying to protect multiple Leda clones at one.  We discovered that Rachel is funny when she insults “brother” Ira. Wonder how Donnie will do in jail. Please subscribe to the “OrphanCast” feed for more and please feel rate and review the podcast so we show up in those pesky search results, which tend to be driven by exceedingly opaque discovery algorithms.  Put that birthday cupcake down and listen now!