Orphan Black S4 E09 "The Mitigation of Competition" |OrphanCast Podcast

Orphan Black S4 E09 “The Mitigation of Competition” |OrphanCast Podcast

In episode 9 of season 4 of Orphan BlackTatiana Maslany continues to mesmerize viewers in her many personas as the Leda sisters. This week, we saw the questionably moral Rachel play a pivotal role. Susan Duncan continues to groom Cosima — and Cosima continues to morph more and more into a mad scientist. Ira manages to survive it all in the midst of so much complexity. Helena made it back to her sisters to save the day and rattle Adele not a little bit.  We even got caught up on the state of Delphine. Poor Felix continues to have his hands full. Please subscribe to the “OrphanCast” feed for more and please feel rate and review the podcast so we show up in those pesky search results, which tend to be driven by exceedingly opaque discovery algorithms.  Get ready, #cloneclub — the season 4 finale recap is coming soon.