Orphan Black S4 E06 "The Scandal of Altruism"

Orphan Black S4 E06 “The Scandal of Altruism”

We’ve checked and we’ve been 100% cleared of any robot maggot worms, so it’s safe to listen to this latest episode of the OrphanCast Podcast. Well, #CloneClub this recap of episode six of season four of Orphan Black — called “The Scandal of Altruism” — offered few happy endings for our crew.  It’s a race against time for Cosima as she raises doubts of ever being able to find a cure in time to save her from whatever illness is plaguing her. Sarah acts in an incredibly impulsive way that puts Kendall in direct danger — as well as all of the Leda clones. What’s her deal? Art and Felix are doing Donnie’s work by making sure they do whatever they can to protect Krystal Goderitch. Did we finally learn the fate of Delphine? On thing we definitely discovered: Ira (Ari Millen) is a Libra, which makes total sense if you think about it. Please subscribe to the “OrphanCast” feed for more and please feel rate and review the podcast so we show up in those pesky search results, which tend to be driven by exceedingly opaque discovery algorithms, crude as Kendall’s sense of humor.  Put that mace away and listen now!
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